The Medical Cannabis Revolution

The global medical cannabis industry is on the brink of exponential growth. Medical cannabis is forecasted to be worth USD 46.18 billion by 2026. The increasing acceptance and application of cannabis to treat pain and insomnia disorders are dominating the global market. The growing demand for the decriminalization of cannabis will continue to fuel significant market growth.

Our team of scientists, doctors, and industry experts provide timely articles so you can better understand and navigate how to invest in medical cannabis. We explore medical and recreational/adult-use cannabis stocks, penny stocks, bonds, ETFs, retirement funds, early-stage and start-up private investments.

Investing in the Cannabis Industry stock ticker

How to Invest in the Cannabis Industry

Examine all available options in the cannabis emerging market and go beyond simply buying cannabis stocks ...
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Cannabis investment research lab at Gladbrook Investments Group

How Do You Invest in Cannabis Stocks?

Discover why investors seeking an environmental and socially responsible investment in an emerging market find the cannabis sector increasingly attractive ...
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Understanding Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis Investing

Understanding Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis Investing

Explore the fundamental differences between medical vs. recreational/adult-use cannabis for smart investing ...
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